Rachel’s love & passion for yoga shines through in all her classes. She's focused on helping students find safe and authentic alignment that builds strength & flexibility. 

It is through this mindful, uncomplicated sequencing that the body will be allowed to gently open with ease and grace.  By teaching a little slower, she believes it will give students the much needed time and space to connect with their breath and body.  Rachel, always a student first, continues to be curious and mesmerized by the magic of yoga and the on-going healing, insight and wisdom it offers on her own path.


Rachel's eagerness to learn more about healing the body & mind started in 2002 when she developed severe anxiety and depression after burning the candle at both ends for far too long.  A friend suggested she try a yoga class and she was immediately drawn to this ancient practice that offered her some freedom and peace. From that very first yoga class, Rachel began a daily meditation practice and started regular physical & energetic body work.  She was amazed at how quickly her body & mind responded, bringing her back into balance and allowing her to enjoy life again and living it to its fullest. 

Her passion & curiosity for the powerful effects touch has on the body was triggered.  In 2003 she received a Diploma of Health Science (Remedial massage) while living in her home country of Melbourne Australia.  As Rachel became more interested in the connection between the mind and body she relocated to England in 2009 where she completed a 200 hour yoga alliance training in Cambridge Uk. After graduating she was blessed to travel to Utila a little island in the Camberain to teach yoga for a donation based organization for 4 months. Rachel continued to teach yoga and offer yoga therapy & bodywork in both Cambridge & London before relocating to Boston, MA in March 2014. Once settled she enrolled in a 300 hour teacher training with Natasha Rizopoulos & Barbara Benagh out of Down Under Studio in January of 2015.


Rachel is excited to share her magical teaching and healing gifts within the Boston community and will be traveling internationally in 2016 to share her knowledge globally.