Holistic Body Work


Holistic bodywork sessions are powerful way to bring balance, awareness and deep healing through the power of touch.  Rachel has been working with bodies therapeutically for over 14 years and uses a blend of different therapies and modalities to help enhance  your own natural healing  bring balance to your physical, emotional & energetic body. After your initial consultation with Rachel  a personalized treatment plan be created for you &  your body's needs. Sessions include bodywork that  is blended with  other therapies and modalities to enhance your session.  There's often take away tools & tip that will complement & enhance your sessions with Rachel.  

Rachel has worked with some of Australia's top athletes, yogi's & everyday beautiful people to improve their health & wellbeing. If you are recovering from an injury, have chronic pain or are looking for a better way of being, holistic bodywork might be for you!  A great beginning to becoming a healthier you...inside and out!  Even if you simply want to relax, Holistic Body Work therapy can be for you. Clients sessions can be booked, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or whatever work for your schedule.  Most appointment are available weekday during daytime hours, although after hours appointments or weekend appointment are also an options.



Specialize in treatment for:

Wry & tight necks

Tennis and golfer's elbow

SIJ pain & instability 

Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Rib/Shoulder/Back pain

Chronic tension headaches

RSI from yoga/something

Plantar fasciitis

Scoliosis support

Shin splints

Patella Tracking



Modalities & therapies used:

Trigger point therapy 

Myo-fascial release

Muscle energy techniques


Chakra balancing

PNF stretching 

Acupressure points

Thai stretching

Sound healing

Pranayama (breath work) 

Yin Yoga


Postural assessment


Sessions can be booked for 60/75/90 minutes.  Your initial appoint will be for 90 mins.  This will allow time to discuss what is happening within your body, cover any medical history & work out suitable treatment plan.  Please note all first time clients  rate of $130/90 minutes. Pricing is as follows:

60 mintues - $120   

75 minutes - $135  

90 minutes -$150 

*Please note that a 24 hour notification is required for cancellation or the full amount of your session will be charged.