Private Yoga & Yoga Therapy Sessions

Yoga & yoga therapy can assist you in shining your brightest in all part so your life. 

Yoga & yoga therapy can assist you in shining your brightest in all part so your life. 

Private yoga offerings:

The first session includes an details intake & discussion with client about their individual needs. Exploring short-term & long-term goals which often shift and change over time. Private yoga sessions include looking at the alignment of postures in your body, building both strength & flexibility, improving mobility, recovering from injury, illness or prepare your body or restore your body for marathon , triathlon or road bike race. 

Yoga therapy offerings:

Yoga is applied as therapy & helps clients to tap into their power of self healing. This work can helps allows clients  to connect to their inner wisdom &  insight.  Yoga therapy work can include working with the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & energetic bodies. The sessions are focused on creating safe space & meeting the client where they are at is such an important part of this work.  A blend of modalities are used included yoga (flow/yin/restorative) breath work, mindfulness practise, deep sleep yoga nidra, essential oils, energy work & acupressure points can be layers into a session.  Each session is tailored exactly to what that client need in the very moment and whatever they might be working with.  Session can be helpful for people living with  anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, grief, postpartum, stress, trauma or simply looking for a better way of being. 

Session cost & durations: 

Cost varies depending on duration & location but on a scale between $110 & $125 per hour. House calls can be requested & start at $160 per hour. 

Sessions can be 60 minutes, 75 minutes, 90 minutes or 2 hours.   Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or whatever works with you budget & schedule. 

" Private yoga & yoga therapy session can be so rewards and fruitful for the clients as the build a deeper relationship to themselves through this powerful practise.  Each session is like a new canvas! It's such an joy to work with people on one to one basis & being able to taylor the session to exactly what they need on that day in the present moment"    Rachel is owner and creator of Rachel's Space