Corporate Yoga & Wellness 


Brining yoga & wellness into your work space has moved from a good to have to need to have in the fast paced world we leave in today. Research continue to acknowledge the benefits of implementing yoga & mindfulness into the workplace goes way beyond health and happiness.

Employees are a business’ most important asset, so it stands to reason that leaders would want to ensure the people working on the front lines are healthy in their bodies and their minds. Wellness programs are not a new concept, but as more companies realize the benefits of investing in the wellbeing of their workforce, employee wellness initiatives play a much bigger role in everything from recruitment and retention to overall profitability.

Check out these four important statistics about employee wellness programs.

44% of workers say they’ve gained weight in their present job.

In a recent CareerBuilder survey, a majority of workers said “sitting at the desk most of the day” was the biggest contributor to their weight gain.

Those statistics were backed up in a Refresh Leadership poll where respondents selected weight gain, neck/back pain, and reduced energy levels as the top three ways their desk job has affected their health. In fact, an extended period of sitting at work has been shown to be incredibly dangerous to your overall health if not balanced with enough daily exercise

Interested in bringing yoga to your office?